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Philosophy : Aristotle


Running Head: ACCOUNT OF ETHICS1Aristotles Account of
EthicsNameInstitutional AffiliationACCOUNT OF ETHICS2Aristotles
Account of EthicsAristotles account of virtue focuses on the
understanding that different parties have andthe interaction that
they want with each other. Virtue, according to Aristotle, is
excellence, andas such, excellence is the sole ultimatum that all
people should reach as they lead their lives(Karuzis, 2015).
Everyone should focus on excellently performing their roles
regardless of thesituation that they are in. Aristotles account
begins by identifying happiness as the highest goodfor people, and
as such, the first step in their quest to lead life effectively.
The practicality of theinteractions that different people have
focuses more on the application of virtue and excellencerather than
the theoretical knowledge of what it entails. …

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Philosophy : Aristotle
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