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Philosophy : Philosophy Climate Change


Running head: PHILOSOPHY AND CLIMATE CHANGEPhilosophy and
Climate ChangeStudents NameInstitutional AffiliationDate1PHILOSOPHY
AND CLIMATE CHANGE2IntroductionClimate change lists as one of the
main issues that different elements of life are in thestruggle to
address and find solutions to curb the attributed aspects.
Technology and innovationare the universal tools adopted to address
the issue of climate change. The philosophical worlddemonstrates
its potential to solve the global problems associated with climate
change based onpolitical, cultural, and social dimensions. The
philosophical ideologies regarding climate changehave their roots
in the human world characterized by social and cultural beliefs.
The humanworld is a regular series of stories and theories
formulated to explain the reason behind all thecomponents of
climate change in close association with nature. Climate change is
a globalphenomenon associated with changes in the way of life
scientifically. Philosophically, climatechange involves an adaptive
aspect of nature in the process of accommodating humanity and
thediversity in beliefs. The effects of climate change on humanity
are adverse and cause most of theproblems in the current world.
Some of the problems to humanity caused by climate change areglobal
warming, defects on human health, poverty, and reduced survival
rate for futuregenerations. Philosophers and philosophy ideologies
play an essential role in addressing the issueof …

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Philosophy : Philosophy Climate Change
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