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Philosophy : Video Reflection


Running head: VIDEO REFLECTION1Video ReflectionStudents
NameInstitutionDateVIDEO REFLECTION2Right to Die is a video in
which Vikram Gandhi attempts to investigate the debate on theright
to doctor-assisted deaths in the United States by talking with
different people on each sideof the debate. Assisted suicide in the
United States has so far been legalized in a few states in
thecountry. The practice is strictly restricted to certain terminal
cases in the United States but asmore states seek to legalize it
and as baby boomers start to consider the decisions on
end-of-life,the debate is only becoming more intense and as Vikram
Gandhi states, it still unclear how farthe laws will go (Gandhi,
2017).The supporters of assisted suicide surely are right that the
right to die should be an issueof personal choice, but they should
also consider the detrimental effects that wi …

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Philosophy : Video Reflection
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