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Physics : Phys282dl4 Electricfields 50285


PHYS 282 DL4Electric FieldsFinal ReportStudentNameBader
MunimStudent ID50285LessonElectric FieldsInstitutionOcean County
CollegeSession2019SS10 PHYS 282 DL4CoursePHYS 282
DL4InstructorAlison Lockm anExercise 11. What generalizations can
you make f rom this exploration?1. There is an equal amount of
positive and negative charges in between the conductors.2. The
closer the charges are to one another, the m ore energy the
electric field contains2. Where would a positive test charge have
the least potential energy?As close as possible to 0 V3. How much
ener …

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Physics : Phys282dl4 Electricfields 50285
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