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Physics : The Potentiometer Lab Report 7


The PotentiometerNamePartners NameDateApparatusSlide wire
potentiometer, galvanometer, DC power supply, resistor, connecting
wires,switch, voltmeter, dry cell, and secondary standard
cellIntroductionA battery is a source of electrical energy just
like hydroelectric or solar energy. However, theamount of power
that can be supplied by a battery is limited to many factors such
as the size ofthe battery, ageing and the electrochemical
processes. These factors limit the use of a battery inmany places
but still, it is applicable. Technically, a battery is composed of
an anode side and acathode side which are separated by an
electrolyte. Electrons are built up by the electrochemicalprocesses
in the electrolyte moving to the anode. If a wire is connected on
the two terminal of thebattery a circuit is made. The potential
difference created between the two terminals of thebattery is
referred to as terminal voltage.When a current is passing through
the battery, this potential difference is reduced by theinternal
resistance of the battery. Thus, the maximum potential difference
occurs when there isno current passing through the battery. This
maximum voltage that can be supplied by a batterywhen the internal
resistance of a battery is negligible is known as Electromotive
force or EMF ofthe battery. It is very essential to know the value
of the EMF as well as the terminal voltage of abattery. A voltmeter
is one of the methods that can be used but is not preferr …

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Physics : The Potentiometer Lab Report 7
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