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Political Science : Order President.edited


Running head: POWER OF THE CONGRESS1Power of the
CongressStudents nameInstitutional AffiliationPOWER OF THE
CONGRESS2Power of the CongressQuestion 1a.Congress constitutional
powers are spelled out in Article I, Section 8 of the
U.SConstitution. Congress makes laws which are essential and
appropriate for executing thepowers bestowed in the constitution.
That is done by following the legislative process.Additionally,
Congress has the privilege to amend the law through a long and
tediousprocess. A constitutional amendment is approved by at least
two-thirds majority of bothchambers (Trethan, 2019). Congress has
absolute authority over budgetary together withfinancial matters
that include; collecting taxes and allocating money to service
governmentsdebts among other activities. Congress is responsible
for maintaining the armed forces.Question 1 b.Congress is made up
of 100 senators together with 435 associates in the House
ofRepresentatives.” Women constitute the minority in both houses.
After being elected tooffice, members of Congress epitomize their
citizens in various ways. They are considered aseither delegates,
trustees, and incumbents. The chief spokesman for the party of the
majorityin House of Representatives is Speaker and deputized by
majority floor leader.” Theminority floor leader represents the
minority party (Harcourt, 2016). President protempore is chosen to
lead the day to day engagements. Whips e …

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Political Science : Order President.edited
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