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Political Science : Piercing The Reich.edited


REICHName:Institution affiliation:Date:PIERCING THE REICH2PIERCING
THE REICHPiercing the Reich is a movie about how Secret agents
penetrated Nazi Germany duringWorld War II. After the D-Day
invasions, the Allied Forces made the mistake of assuming that
3rdReich got finished. However, in December 1944, Hitler rallied
his forces, forcing the Allied troopsto Paris. It is then that they
realized that they were mistaken and the lack of
ground-basedintelligence had cost them. The UK deemed sending Spy
agents to Nazi Germany a suicidemission, but courageous Americans
were willing to risk their lives to change the course of the wardue
to their hatred of Nazi Germany (“Piercing the Reich: Spies in Nazi
Germany OSS,” 2018).President Franklin Roosevelt signed the
formation of the Office of Strategic Service (OSS)in Washington,
which spearheaded the training of the secret agents sent to
Germany. The OSSinterviewed refugees who landed in American ports
to ensure there were no secret agents amongthem and took their
clothing, which helped them dress like local Germans. The OSS would
thenread Newspapers from Germany to gather …

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Political Science : Piercing The Reich.edited
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