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Political Science : Test Iv


Running head: TEST IVTest IVStudents NameUniversityTest 41Q1The
judiciary runs on the assumptions that a judge makes a ruling on a
fair bases as aresult of proper interpretation of the law with
respect to the constitution and analysis of evidencepresented in
the court. Due to human capacity limitations, judges make rulings
based on variousfactors. Judicial activism and judicial restrains
are tow divergent philosophies on how judgesmake judicial
deductions and finalize rulings. Judicial activism refers to an
approach towards ajudicial ruling that is based on personal
interpretation of the constitution by a judge in support ofa
particular point of view. The judge uses their judicial mandate to
correct past politicalinjustices that have overrun into the
contemporary justice systems. The 2005 supreme courtruling on the
case between Susette Kelo, one of the homeowners in Connecticut who
refused tosell their land for redevelopment purposes, versus the
City of New London where the judge gavea ruling that authorized the
city to alienated property from private individuals to give way for
thedevelopment through the use of eminent domain. The neighborhood
was lagging due toeconomic stagnation as a result of key economic
generators closing down. The judge argued thatthe city and general
community stood a chance to benefit from the economic growth. The
judgeused judicial powers to exercise activism that gave way for
government action in the face ofpublic detr …

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Political Science : Test Iv
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