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Powerpoint : Book Summary


Book SummaryStudents NameUniversity AffiliationInstructors
NameFirst Anomaly: Misunderstanding Map Interpretation It gives
explanation of the area and the various activities. Everyone seems
to distance themselves from reading themap This anomaly was
portrayed in chapter nine. Finally the two individuals were reading
the gaugeSecond Anomaly: Sudden Fatigue It was almost impossible to
move as captured in chapter10. This was strange considering the
evening events. It was not easy to talk considering the level of
surprise There was need to go back and catch some sleep and dothe
packingThird Anomaly: Inappropriate Send-off Anthea was preparing
breakfast before anyone was awake. The send-off was compromised by
the attitude that had beenformed by Anthea towards the Andrew.
There was a little disagreement and exchange of words. On this
casethe quest for knowledge principle was embraced among themembers
of the team. The relaxed mood and the desire to stay longer chapter
12 of thestory.First anomaly and strategic contextsthinking The
philosophical principle in this case requires everyoneto take
responsibility. This principle requires a conclusive participation
in theteam and each individual should give their opinion. The
principle connects to the first anomaly due to themanner each
individual was taking roles in the picnicForth Anomaly: Revenge of
death for rape The day started on a …

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Powerpoint : Book Summary
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