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Powerpoint : Final Ppt


According to the ideas of Aristotle (virtue ethics), Kant
(deontology)Meaning: Same sexmarriage Marriage between two males
Marriage between two females Based on mutual consentAristotelian
analysisSame sex couples seek happinessHuman beings are social
beingsHumans desire to experience love and to show itSame sex
marriages lead to pleasure and happinessDeontological/Kantian
analysisSame sex marriage should be allowed for mature adultsMutual
consent is importantIt should not interfere with the freedom of
othersUtilitarian analysis Same sex marriage should be allowed
People should live according to what makes them happy The
activities of one person should not affect othersReflection I liked
the utilitarian school of thought the most Utilitarianism is
rational Utilitarianism recognizes the difference in people and
encourages theirliberty Living your own way without affecting
others is recommendedReflection contd. Utilitarianism encourages
increasing the capacity for higher achievementthroiugh allowing
same sex marriage The happiness experienced by same sex couples
increases their utility Increasing diversity is also
recommendedConclusion Same sex marriage should be allowed. People
should have the freedom to choose what makes them happy Infringing
on the freedom of others is discouragedName: Final
PptDescription:According to the ideas of Aristotle (virtue …

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Powerpoint : Final Ppt
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