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Powerpoint : Health Care


Health careConfidentiality, Privacy and SecurityDecision Support
SystemWithin the healthcare, training employees to overcome some of
the healthcare datasecurity threats is one of the interventions
that concerns most of the management team.The latter can be
achieved by subjective employees to regular and
comprehensivetraining with the intention of avoiding such
threats.Decision support system refers to a computerized program
that makes an analysis ofthe business data.The analyzed data will
then be used in making critical decisions within anorganization.The
data will be used in making decisions that relates to management,
operations andplanning.CotdBy making an analysis of the data, an
organization will be able identify the problem andlater make
decisions that will solve the problem.The computer based technology
is considered useful because it will provide humanswith timely
information that will be used by decision makers to arrive at a
conclusion.It is considered helpful because it facilitates most of
the organizational processes.It has been used as one of the
approaches in solving the problem of inadequacy inhealthcare
provision.CotdAs the director of health information, I will
encourage the staff to embrace DSSbecause it saves on time as it
will reduce the decision making cycle, and in turnimproves the
productivity of the employees.The approach improves effectiveness
of operat …

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Powerpoint : Health Care
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