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Evolution BunrakuOf TheaterPresented by:Course:Date:Bunraku
Bunraku is one of the different forms of the Japanesepuppet theater
It is referred as the most magical and delightful of alltimes in
history. During the presentation of Bunraku, the musicians
wearblack cloths where they become invisible to the audience. The
main stories covered always tell more about love andsuicide or
either of them.Bunraku and Kabuki The Kabuki, which is also
aJapanese classical dance anddrama, has many similaritieswith
Bunraku Kabuki can be seen as anotherversion of Bunraku which canbe
traced back from the timesof World War II Ennosuke Ichikawa III,
has seenits revival after it had frozen forabout thirty years
togetherwith its original traditions.Bunraku Challenges Bunraku and
Kabuki are faced with a high cost ofproduction and attendance,
locking out thecommon people out However, Kabuki has international
influencewhere people from different parts of the worldpay huge
preservation amounts Many of the plays adopted were played by
bothactors of the Kabuki as well as the Bunrakupuppet
troupesBunraku Influence on WesternTheatre The Kabuki scripts have
very little influence onAmerican actors It has a lot of influence
on the Western scripts,mostly the Greek tragedy as well as
Shakespeare Several similarities can be traced betweenShakespeare
and Kabuki, which are sheer sizeand grandeurBunraku Today The g …

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Powerpoint : Isa191 Bunruku. Docx
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