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Powerpoint : Presentation


Youth ViolenceEducationalProgramMarjorie Moss, Ryan Gardner,
Briana WashingtonKenneth Fint and Julie DiazCJA 4546/13/19Mr. Art
GonzalesIntroductionYouth violence is a key issue in ChicagoIt is a
leading cause of death for BlacksMultidisciplinary prevention
approach is necessaryChicago Police Department require social
changeYouth violence Education Program can be adoptedA one-day
conference inChicagoMale and female participantsof 15-29
yearsTheprogramParticipants will be all-inclusiveby culture and
locationThe minority group to make70% of participantsInclude both
indoors and.outdoor activitiesBudget$5000 will be used for program
promotion.$2000 for Public Health facilitators$10000 for law
enforcement facilitators$35000 learning and teaching
materials.$25000 refreshment and support staff$5000 center fee and
miscellaneousReference Butts, J. A., Roman, C. G., Bostwick, L.,
&Porter, J. R. (2015). Cure Violence: apublic health model to
reduce gunviolence. Annual Review of PublicHealth, 36, 39-53. WHO
(2016, September 30). YouthViolence. Retrieved

PresentationDescription:It is a leading cause of death for Blacks

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Powerpoint : Presentation
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