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Psychology : 517018


Running head: REALITY THERAPY1Reality
TherapyNameInstitutionREALITY THERAPYFor the case of reality
therapy, its main focus is on the manner that a person can
achievehis or her goals through effective problem-solving and
making better choices (Christensen &Gray, 2002). Given that,
there are different concepts that are used in reality therapy.
Firstly, it ishuman needs and purposeful behavior. In this case,
human life will be purposeful in the eventthat we are able to meet
our basic needs. Secondly, it is the essence of choice theory. In
thisinstance, it encourages a person to use creativity to make
positive changes in life. Thirdly, it istotal behavior. It alludes
that what a person thinks, feels, and acts are an accurate
description oftheir behavior. Lastly, it is existential
orientation. In this case, it alludes that the conflict thatoccurs
in a human being is a result …

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Psychology : 517018
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