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Psychology : Article Critique


SPORTSThe Interplay of Emotions and Motivation in
SportsInstitutional AffiliationDate1THE INTERPLAY OF EMOTION AND
MOTIVATION IS SPORTS2Emotions, as well as motivation, play an
important task in the performance of athletes.The primary
methodology used in this case study to test how various aspects
impacted theperformance of athletes was questionnaires. The
multiple factors were motivational climate,motivation regulations,
as well as emotional experiences. For motivational climate, a
Finnishversion of the Perceived Motivational Climate in Sport
Questionnaire-2 (PMCSQ-2; Newton etal., 2000) was utilized to
determine the insights of the motivational climate of the athletes
(Ruizet al., 2019). This in terms of duty as well as ego-involving.
The study measured the motivationregulations of athletes using a
Finish version of the Behavior Regulation in Sport
Questionnaire(BRSQ; Lonsdale et al., 2008). The study also measured
the emotional experiences of theathletes using eight items of
emotional modality. The items were from psych biosocial
statesscales. The questionnaires were given independently or in
lesser …

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Psychology : Article Critique
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