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Psychology : Assignment Title Cultural Considerations Sunday 2 Pm


Running Head: CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONSCultural ConsiderationsName
of StudentName of institution1CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS2Cultural
ConsiderationsDuring last Christmas break, I flew to San Francisco
to visit my uncles and cousins asmost of them live there. On the
first day, two of cousins picked me from the airport to their
newhouse. It had been years since I visited them and they had since
bought a new house an relocated.During my stay there I proposed to
my three cousins and one of their friends that we should
findsomething interesting to do over the holiday. One of them
proposed that we could go surfingskating in a nearby park. Another
one suggested that we go surfing at the beach. They all agreedwith
the surfing idea. However, I strongly disagreed because I did not
know how to surf and theproposal about skating was a boring one. So
I suggested something that they all agreed with. Iproposed that we
go to New York by road for a music concert.We agreed that we would
leave for New York in two days and later that day, I spent mostof
the time researching such things as the distance between the two
states, best stops, optimumroutes and the amount of time that we w

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Psychology : Assignment Title Cultural Considerations Sunday 2 Pm
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