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Psychology : Criminal Data Worksheet..


WORKSHEETStudents NameInstitutionDateCRIMINAL DATA SHEET2Part I1.
Review the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) website. What type of
criminal data can yougather from this website?The UCR website
relays facts on crime and criminal activities going on around the
nation,initially formulated by the FBI. It gives federal crime
offenses broken by age, sex, race itdoes not discriminate or
favors. It shows the crime and the location it was committed;
itprovides knowledge of crimes committed in specific areas.On
Violent crime, the listed include murder, robbery, aggravated
assault, manslaughter andrape.Property crimes listed include motor
burglary, vehicle theft, and larceny-theft among others(Coral
Dando, 2017).2. Using the Criminal Data Guide document as a guide,
what do you notice about theinformation that you should ask about?
Where should you look for this information?Reading and following
through, I noticed the questions that i should focus on are
mostcentered on the demographic details, individual’s past,
present, and where they live andlived before their age, race
height, and any information that would best describe them.
Anyphotographs were taken and any information to give a full
profile.3. Is there a typical profile for terrorists? Explain.There
is no distinct profile for pointing out a terrorist. Terrorists
have different motives andreasons behind what they do. Many people
argue that Terroris …

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Psychology : Criminal Data Worksheet..
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