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Psychology : Developmental Challenges 1


Running Head: Attachment Development in the Case Study of
HedleyPSY-FP7210 – Lifespan DevelopmentMay 9, 20191Running Head:
Attachment Development in the Case Study of Hedley2IntroductionThis
papers objective is to analyze Hedleys case study and touch on the
attachmenttheories. Due to a childs caregivers parenting style,
this can have a profound effect on a childsdevelopment in
attachment as well as the impact on their relationships and
well-being growinginto adulthood. Information is implemented on the
issues and behaviors that could arise fromparticular attachment
styles such as anxious-ambivalent attachment, and the best form
ofinterventions that should be applied. The way parents bring up
their children can have a greatimpact on their development, either
positive or negative.Part 1Case Study of HedleyHedley is a
2-year-old boy who lives in the state of Montana. His parents are
separatedand never have lived in the same household from the day he
was born. The mother and father donot have a consistent schedule
where there isnt any form of routine and structure with custodyand
parental visits. The father (Joseph) chooses to see his son at his
convenience. This can varyfrom a couple days of visitation to weeks
without contact. Josephs childhood too was unstableand
inconsistent. Josephs mother had MS when he was at a young age. His
own father was inand out of his life. Joseph was moved from foster
home to foster him when his …

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Psychology : Developmental Challenges 1
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