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Psychology : Dq


Running Head: DISCUSION QUESTIONS1Discussion QuestionsStudents
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QUESTIONS2Discussion QuestionsDQ1Interpersonal violence is the use
of power or physical force, either by threatening or usingit
against a group or a person intentionally resulting in
psychological harm, injury, deprivation,or death (Hydn, Gadd &
Wade, 2016). A person can commit it in an intimate relationship,
amarried couple, a roommate, family member, or a cohabitant.
Addiction strongly relates tointerpersonal violence such that when
the perpetrator is regulated of the drugs, they lose controland act
in the influence of their inhibitions. The influence of any
addiction increases the chancesof interpersonal violence because it
stimulates an abusive behavior. The influence of drugsrewires the
chemical in the affected person brain, which makes the person seek
out the drug nomatter the consequences. It then leads to violent
and irrational behavior in a relationship. Thefactors that
contribute to interpersonal violence in addicted people is lack of
control, worseningof the addiction behavior overtime, shame, inner
urge to do it even if it wi …

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Psychology : Dq
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