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Psychology : Edited Eco Map Stress K 1


Running head: SANDRA LOMBARDINOUniversity affiliation:Name of
moderator:Name of student:Running head: SANDRA
LOMBARDINOCourtFriendsThe court isnot favoringdivorceFriends
arewilling tohelp Sandraachieve
hergoalSandraBeneditoChildrenExtendedfamilyThe family isnot
willingto helpSandra withher husbandHumanservicesStrong
connectionStressful connectionUncertain connectionThey
arehelpingSandra withall theirstrength.Running head: SANDRA
LOMBARDINOSandra Lombardino is 69 years old a good lady with all
good qualities expects that hewas overweight and also had
arthritis. She retired from job that is teaching profession two
yearsago. She had a dream to pursue after retiring but her husband
becomes a challenge to her.Benedito, her husband,who was once a
carpenter become a heavy drunkard and this madeSandras sons to move
from the family when their financial ability was good. Also it was
so hardfor Sandra to achieve her dreams to work for charity to the
community and could not apply fordivorce since she had worked for
their property and this meant that they share it half way withher
husband. It reaches a moment that she wishes her husband to die so
that he achieves herdreams.According to Erik Erikson in his article
theory of psychosocial development it isabsolutely true that Sandra
is in despair since she is very old and the experience she
isexperiencing have no signs of terminating in order to apply the
lesson learned in …

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Psychology : Edited Eco Map Stress K 1
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