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Psychology : Ee.copernican Principle.pdf..edited


Running head: THE COPERNICAN PRINCIPLEStudents nameInstitutional
affiliationTHE COPERNICAN PRINCIPLE2IntroductionBy the Copernican
principle, the universal physical position of the earth is not
unique.Nicolas Copernicus drove this norm, claiming that the earth
was not stationary through hisproposal of the heliocentric model of
the solar system. The code is vital to the history of science.It
gives a representation of a fundamental philosophical change in how
intellectuals dealt withhumanitys role in the universe.
Scientifically, this means that one shouldn’t assume that man hasa
significant privilege in the universe (Valkenburg et al., 2013).
Therefore, humans should removesome blinders and presumptions about
themselves and re-examine our relationship with the world.The code
can be used in the customary spatial intellect, in the provision of
awareness ofthe earth’s position in its cluster as well as that of
its galaxy in the universe. Therefore, weacknowledge that the
earths solar system is in the outer portions of the Milky Way
(Hellwing etal., 2017). It is contrary to humans earlier thought
that the solar system was at the midpoint of thecluster. We …

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Psychology : Ee.copernican Principle.pdf..edited
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