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Psychology : Family And Social Systems


Running Head: FAMILY AND SOCIAL SYSTEMSFamily and Social
SystemsAneshia FlemingDate:1FAMILY AND SOCIAL SYSTEMS2Family and
Social SystemsFamily dynamics create a strong bond that brings
together and provides a unique identityto different members. The
main reason for understanding family structures is to help
infacilitating awareness and insight. It provides an opportunity
for members of a given family todiscover their weaknesses,
strengths, and opportunities. They are, therefore, able to practice
theirsocial and religious beliefs more healthily. There are always
common ancestral parents that standat the top of each family tree.
A family is defined by its unique characteristics and social
normswhich differ from the rest. Every family faces different
biological, social, and economicchallenges, which, when left
unaddressed, can complicate into severe and
life-threateninghurdles. In this context, this text seeks to
provide a description of a family genogram, analyze theunique
issues associated with it, and illustrate how it can be applied to
solve real-life problems.I have a great extended family. My
grandfather, who is in his late 90s, is the leader of thefamily. My
grandmother succumbed a few years back following complicated
diabetes mellitusand hypertension. Unfortunately, some of my
aunties and my uncles also suffer from the sameillnesses. Despite
his old age, he still serves as the best example of a true role
model, especiallyto his several grandch …

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Psychology : Family And Social Systems
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