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Psychology : Industrial.edited


Organizational PsychologyNameInstructorCourseDate1INDUSTRIAL/
ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY2Industrial/ Organizational
PsychologyUnlike previously, the incidence of gender diversity,
specifically, in the workplace seemsto rise and this has been
because of the advocacy groups that pointed out the significance
ofembracing this aspect in the workplace. Despite the potentiality
associated with gender diversity,some organizations have maintained
their status quo in embracing gender bias and this hasrestricted
the victims from showcasing their potentiality as they are only
allowed to work forsmall positions in the workplace (Dunham, 2017).
The issue of gender bias has restricted peopleaffiliated to a
particular gender from enjoying some opportunities in the workplace
such as thetop senior positions. In most instances, the female
gender tends to be the victims in the sensethat, they are only
allowed to work for the small positions in their affiliated
organizations. Thereason behind is that these positions have been
traditionally reserved for the men hence, makingit difficult for
women to rise to these positions.Acknowledging gender diversity in
the workplace has been pointed to be fruitful andvarious benefits
have been highlighted to demonstrate the potentiality of gender
diversity. One ofthem entails developing a wider pool of talents
where organizations which allow women to jointhem enjoy addi …

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Psychology : Industrial.edited
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