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Psychology : Mft Ethical Responsibilities Assignment


ResponsibilitiesInstitution AffiliationDate1MFT ETHICAL
RESPONSIBILITIES2Marriage and Family Therapists, unlike other
general therapists treat the problem of theclients within the
context of their relationship. They assist various families and
married couplesto go through emotional issues or crisis, for
instance, death, divorce, mental disorder or evendomestic violence.
Law and ethics govern the practice of marriage and family
therapists;therapists are required to comply with law mandates as
the make commitment to AmericanAssociation Marriage and Family
Therapy Code of Ethics (Welfel, 2015). Apart from helping afamily
out of the crisis, MFT has a duty to report cases of violence
between intimate partners.The different States vary in laws that
require the therapists to report, and also penalties vary fromState
to S …

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Psychology : Mft Ethical Responsibilities Assignment
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