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Psychology : Personality


Last Name 1NameInstructorCourseDatePersonality Traits and
Personality AssessmentAccording to the Big Five Project Personality
Test, the following were the outcomes.Open-Mindedness, in this
area, I scored relatively low meaning that I’m somehow
closedminded. Consciousness, I scored moderately in this section.
Extraversion, I scored high in thisarea, which means that I’m an
extrovert. Agreeable, results show that I’m disagreeable.
NegativeEmotionality, I scored high in this section.The use of
personality test models to determine one’s personality is dependent
on theeffectiveness and validity of the information provided during
the test. In my opinion, the tests arevalid and useful when
determining the personality type. The test has been used for many
yearsand by many people, and thus its effectiveness is guaranteed.
Furthermore, this is aninternational model whose effectivenes …

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Psychology : Personality
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