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Psychology : Please Answer Each Question Separately And In Complete Paragraphs Apa .


Running head: QUESTIONS1QuestionsStudents NameInstitutional
AffiliationQUESTIONS2QuestionsQuestion 1Autism has for a long time
been perceived to be an ailment that mainly affects
patients.However, the family and close friends of the patient also
go through different impacts that mayreduce their welfare and
well-being. The parents can be so affected and one may feel as if
theyare responsible for the condition that their child is suffering
from. Some may even feelembarrassed when they are walking with
their children in public. In some occasions, the parentsmay also
suffer mental breakdowns due to the differences in parenting styles
that they have toadopt when their child has autism compared to what
they had envisioned. The siblings may beoverwhelmed due to the
different levels of care that they would have to develop when
dealingwith their sibling. This is not the case when the child is
born normal or does not develop autism.Question 2Autism Spectrum
Disorder tends to have changing or different effects throughout
thelifespan of the patient. At infancy, the effects could be very
mild. This means that at infancy, itmay be difficult for parents to
clearly identify some of the symptoms that the child possesses
thatcould signal the development of autism. However, in early
childhood, some of the symptomsbecome even greater. At this stage,
if proper diagnosis and treatments or interventions aredeveloped,
the patient could avoid some of the symptoms (Vol …

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Psychology : Please Answer Each Question Separately And In Complete Paragraphs Apa .
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