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Psychology : Pschology


Running Head: PSYCHOLOGY1PsychologyStudent Name:Instructor
Name:Course:Date:PSYCHOLOGY2Question 1You and a group of friends
tutor for Studypool. You guys all get a small bonus at Studypool
forquality. Whats the best explanation for why you comparing your
bonus to the those of your friendsmight worsen your mood?Answer:
You received less of a bonus than your friends.Question 2Which case
below best describes a person who is experiencing cognitive
dissonance.Answer: I enjoy the use of stimulants and know the
medical consequences they could cause to me.But I still enjoy and
use them.Question 3Choose the answer that does NOT describe an
instance of the phenomenon of groupthink.Answer: People who are
part of the Studypool team are becoming less creative in
contributingsolutions to solve problems that are essential to the
success of the group.Question 4All of these choices describe
societal impacts associated with franchises like
McDonaldsEXCEPT:Answer: Hardened bureaucratic organization,
(Montagu, D., 2002).PSYCHOLOGY3Question 5Drive theory explains the
need for animals like humans to satisfy a certain psychological
needs byse …

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Psychology : Pschology
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