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Psychology : Psychologist For A Day.edited


Running Head: PSYCHOLOGY1Psychologist for a Day ProjectStudents
NameInstitutional AffiliationDateInstructors NamePSYCHOLOGY2Adele
Laurie Blue Adkins: British Singer and Song WriterAdele is a
humanitarian who shares a close connection with the state of the
world withidealism and great compassion. The fascinating
personality about Adele is that she is utopian. Asa result, she
finds herself spending a lot of financial resources and energy in
pursuit of a perfectlife of her imagination. Adele’s adopted
personality allows her to connect with different peoplehence
replacing the parts of her life she considers uninteresting.
However, in many instances,this celebrity is faced with moody
behaviors and disappointments caused by realities of life,
thusmaking her blame others for her problems. As she narrates in
her interviews, she wrote the album’Chasing Pavements …

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Psychology : Psychologist For A Day.edited
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