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Psychology : Psychology


Running head: CRITIQUE OF PSYCHOLOGY1Critique of
PsychologyInstitution AffiliationDate2CRITIQUE OF
PSYCHOLOGYIntroductionI disagree with the article that psychology
is a modest science. Psychology like othersciences it uses the
empirical methods of research, data collection and analysis in its
pursuit ofknowledge of human and animal
behavior.JustificationPsychologist conceptualizes problems by
stating the problem and the methods they willuse to understand the
problem and get a solution. Psychologists mostly get these ideas
out ofcuriosity which makes it more of a science as scientist apply
knowledge to understand the naturaland social world. For instance a
psychologist may be curious to find out the impact motivation hason
performance. Psychologists are skeptical and will dig deep to
satisfy this curiosity by using theempirical method like any other
scientist.On f …

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Psychology : Psychology
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