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Psychology : Psychopathology From A Clinical Perspective Anxiety Disorders


PERSPECTIVEPsychopathology from a Clinical Perspective: Anxiety
DisordersStudents NameInstitutional Affiliation1PSYCHOPATHOLOGY
FROM A CLINICAL PERSPECTIVE2Discussion 1From the video provided,
client, Jane Doe, presents various symptoms. Jane presentssigns of
stress and worries, as evidenced by a close look in her face. This
way, the outlook in herface shows what could be notified as stress
wrinkles, as she conversed with a clinician.However, she says, I
sometimes flip out on my patients, which is a clear suggestion that
she iseasily irritated and highly tempered. According to Laureate
Education (2012), Jane Doe presentsfidgety movements, where she
raises issues of nervous behaviour. Besides, she claims that
shesometimes forget to offer her patients their medication. Through
this, she tends to reveal severalsigns of disoriented (Laureate
Education, (2012).Based on the information gathered from the video
by the client, if I were a clinician, Iwould diagnose Jane Doe with
an anxiety disorder. According to the American
PsychiatricAssociation (2013), there are various types of anxiety
disorders, which include, complications,which shows characteristics
of excessive fear and anxiety, and related behavioural
disturbances.The client should be diagnosed with a generalized
anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorderis extreme trouble or
and anxiety concerning various activities or events. APA (20 …

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Psychology : Psychopathology From A Clinical Perspective Anxiety Disorders
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