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Psychology : Reality Therapy Group Work


Running head: REALITY THERAPY1Reality TherapyInstitution
AffiliationDate2REALITY THERAPYReality TherapyThe main purpose of
reality therapy is to solve problems and build connections as
theperson focusses on the future. This approach is based on five
main concepts, that is, love andbelonging, power, survival,
freedom, and fun. It is based on the belief that people have
fivepsychological needs and they try to meet all of them. When any
of the needs are not met it resultsto persons been unhappy and
distressed. Which results in undesired behavior. More problems
arisewhen people try to meet their need in an unhealthy manner. It
is crucial for there to be a trustingrelationship between the
client and the therapist (Wubbolding, 2017). This is because it
makes iteasy for the client to feel safe which will make them share
what is bothering them openly.An example of an issue …

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Psychology : Reality Therapy Group Work
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