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Psychology : Reflection.edited 2


Running head: REFLECTIONS1ReflectionsInstitution
AffiliationDate2REFLECTIONSThe Costly Pursuit of Self-EsteemThe
first article talks about self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to
self-respect and havingconfidence in personal worth. The issue of
self-esteem is not new, and it can be seen all over themedia where
most people are giving their experiences and others trying to
commercial it. Theauthor does make some critical points in the
article. One is that the pursuit of self-esteem is notfree, and it
comes at a cost. That means that to achieve self-confidence, one
has to part withsomething. The author goes further to break this
into several areas of life where a person pays ashe or she tries to
attain self-esteem. These include; physical health, autonomy,
mental health, selfregulation, relationship and learning and
competence (Crocker and Park, 2004). While some costis definite,
others are negative. For instance, when it comes to autonomy, there
are somerestrictions that a person can or cannot do to maintain
their self-esteem. On the other hand, failureto having self-esteem
can result in a person suffering from mental illnesses.I found this
article to be very …

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Psychology : Reflection.edited 2
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