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Psychology : Sigmund Freud1


Affiliation2PSYCHOANALYTICAL THEORYPsychoanalytical
TheoryAssumptions of the theorySigmund’s psychoanalytical theory
attempts to interpret the patient’s thoughts, including theirfree
associations, dreams as well as fantasies. The psychoanalytical
theory assumes that theprimary cause for mental illness lies in the
patient’s unconscious mind. Also, the theory assumesthat a persons
development is majorly determined by the events in their early
childhood(Schultz, 2017).Psychoanalytic theory on women and
individuals from racial and ethnic minority groupsIt is not
appropriate to apply the psychoanalytical theory on the groups of
people mentionedabove because it pathologizes all of them, both who
are suffering from individual and collectiveeffects. Ideally, the
theory does not consider the harsh conditions and hostile
environments inwhich these people live in. Therefore, it fails to
understand that most of their psychological3PSYCHOANALYTICAL
THEORYbehaviors are not pathological but rather logical responses
to the condition or the situationswhich they …

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Psychology : Sigmund Freud1
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