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Psychology : Social And Cultural Diversity Paper


PaperAmanda BeresGrand Canyon UniversityJune 10, 20191SOCIAL AND
CULTURAL DIVERSITY PAPERSocial and Cultural Diversity
PaperIntroductionSocial and cultural diversity play a significant
role in a society. The main reason being asociety is made up of
people from different social status and cultures living together.
Culturaldiversity refers to the divergence in peoples way of life
in a community (Ryder et al., 2014). Anexcellent example is the
high rate of cultural diversity in the United States, which
includesNative Americans, Hispanics, black Americans, and
immigrants, among others. It is important tonote that personal
biases have significant impacts on a society, especially in
decision-making.The main objective of this paper is discussing
social and cultural diversity in the community. Thepaper discusses
a personal history and experience with discrimination, the concepts
of racismand discrimination, ACA and NAADAC codes that inform a
practitioner. It goes further topresent a discussion on cultural
sensitivity in treatment planning, strategies to build rapport
withdiverse client, reasons for differentiated treatment, and
resources that inform on culturaldiversity.Personal HistoryFirst
and foremost, human is to error, and part of that error includes
personal biases.Individuals develop prejudices against other
people, political parties, religion, ethnic group,social class, or
nations. …

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Psychology : Social And Cultural Diversity Paper
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