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Psychology : The Science Of Happiness.edited


Running Head: THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESSThe Science of
HappinessUniversity AffiliationStudents NameCourse2THE SCIENCE OF
HAPPINESSThe Surprising Science of HappinessHappiness can be
divided into two components; the happiness we stumble upon
andcreated happiness by human happiness. Happiness is a basic
feature that reveals the truth in anindividual. Dan Gilbert
incorporates science to reveal how happiness occurs in human
beings.People acquire true happiness once they achieve what they
hoped to achieve. In the TED talk,Dan shows the capacity of the
brain to predict an individuals happiness when exposed to
varioussituations. Gilbert argues that the mind of human beings
mostly misjudges what makes themhappy in life. Happiness can,
therefore, be achieved through psychological immunity but canalso
be undone by increasing the number of choices people have in life.
In situations where it ishard to turn a negative situation into
happiness, individuals should adapt to the situation. TheTED talk
provides different adaptation mechanisms, including the marvelous
adaptation thatturns the experiences in our mind before judging a
situation (Gilbert, 2004).Is the Glass Ha …

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Psychology : The Science Of Happiness.edited
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