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Psychology : Therapeutic Change


Running head: THERAPEUTIC CHANGETherapeutic ChangeStudents
NameInstitutional Affiliation2THERAPEUTIC CHANGETherapeutic
ChangeThe client characteristics that show that there is a
therapeutic change is when the clienthas a positive attitude
towards the process she/he undergoes. When they have a positive
attitude,they will be able to show to the therapist they are
recovering (Roest et al., 2016). Secondly, thebehaviors, whether
they are changing or not. When there is a positive change in the
behaviors,then the counselor can be sure that the client is making
progress. This is the most thing requiredin counseling, and all the
counselors are always happy with them as they consider them to
beshowing change which is needed. The initial assessments show
accuracy in the clients outcomebecause they give the counselors the
baseline on how to handle the cases that they have. …

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Psychology : Therapeutic Change
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