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Psychology : Transferance And Countertrasferance


Running head: DISCUSSION QUERIESDiscussion QueriesName of
StudentInstitution Affiliation1DISCUSSION QUERIES2Discussion
QueriesQuestion #AThe consideration of both transference and
counter-transference is important in atherapeutic relationship
since it promotes the possibility of a client to experience
growth.According to Stern and Hirsch (2017), both transference and
counter-transference necessitate thecapability of the client to be
relaxed and fee real during a counseling session. Thus, through
thefacilitation of the feeling of being real and relaxed a client
is able to experience growth over agiven personal problem which
serves as an indication of a clients benefit from a
therapeuticservice.Question #BTransference and counter-transference
can positively impact both clients and therapistsperspectives on
the benefits associated with the therapeutic services by initiating
interpersonalrelationship among the involved parties. Consequently,
the interpersonal relationship influencedby transference and
counter-transference promotes openness and understand in a session
betweenthe client and therapist hence inducing their positive
perspective of the ben …

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Psychology : Transferance And Countertrasferance
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