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Psychology : Treatment Placement


PLACEMENTName:Tutor:Institution:Course:TREATMENT PLACEMENTDate:The
safety of the patient and others is of great importance. For that
reason, a number of safetyfactors need to be considered. The
environmental factor is one of the factors that should be put
inmind. The question of whether the environment presents a big
threat to the patient and the extentof causing more damage to the
patient must be answered. Community resources should also beput in
mind since it determines how effective the treatment and recovery
of the patient is(Mezzich & Coffman, 1985). The special needs
of the patient also are of great importance sincethe availability
of equipment to handle crisis in case they happen should be
available. Theplacement service should also consider the safety of
the community in terms of disease spreadingto other individuals
(Wells, 1991).Inpatient treatment is recommended when several
factors have been considered. One of thisfactors being the need for
dual-diagnosis. When there are cases of addiction with mental
healthconditions or when the patient is suffering from conditions
that need close monitoring. Inpat …

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Psychology : Treatment Placement
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