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Transitional FossilsNameCourseInstructorMay 14th, 2019Evolution
critics are usually quick to point out that there are missing links
between themodern man and the earlier fossils. They refute the
existing evidence since there are no recordsfrom the past and most
of the conclusions have been made through the study of
anthropologicalcharacteristics of the existing. There are, however,
fossils that prove that the early man was arelative of todays
modern man in various aspects such as use of tools, sheltering from
the toughweather in caves and even graffiti showing there was a
form of writing and communication beingdone even back in the day.
The fossil that I have chosen for this discussion is the
Cro-Magnon.The Cro-Magnon was believed to have existed between
10,000 to 45,000 years ago.Various bones of the Cro-Magnon were
found in caves in the Southwest of France(Fagan, 2014). While it is
still not clear whether to place the Cro-Magnon before the
Neanderthalman or after him, there are various forms of evidence
that have shown the level of sophisticationthat this man had. Some
of these include the following:1. Body structure The bone structure
of the Cro-Magnon …

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