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Science : Answer The Following Questions About Elementary Science Instruction


Running head: ELEMENTARY SCIENCE1Elementary
ScienceNameInstitutionELEMENTARY SCIENCE2Elementary ScienceScience
is an objective way of generating knowledge about the natural
world. Theconcept seeks to formulate viable explanations to
different logical concepts by finding andverifying sufficient
evidence to support any claims made. Therefore, science is
characterized bytwo specific features, including the systematic
pursuit of proof as a firm basis for all explanationsgiven, and the
dynamic generation of knowledge through the descriptions formulated
(Abruscato& DeRosa, 2018). Science involves the production of
knowledge by employing differentstrategies; all of which are driven
by objectivity and testability of the claims made. As such,
theapplication of different strategies in the scientific knowledge
generation makes the subject adynamic concept devoid of any static
aspects. The dynamism of science is evidenced by thegeneration of
new knowledge over time. The new knowledge generated by science may
replaceor modify previous knowledge. Science is also driven by a
skeptical and critical approach to allconcepts as well as the
freedom to develop independent think …

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Science : Answer The Following Questions About Elementary Science Instruction
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