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Science : Double Blind Q1


A Double-Blind study is a specific type of study where neither
the experimentersor participants know who is receiving the actual
treatment and who is receiving theplacebo treatment. Double-Blind
studies are the gold-standard type of study for thoseinvolving
disease in populations and the control of diseases. The term
placebodescribes a treatment that will have no effect on the
participant and is typically a sugarpill that cant be distinguished
between an actual treatment pill. The use of a placebotreatment is
meant to prevent the psychological bias that may occur when a
participantknows they are receiving treatment. This psychological
bias can make the patient thinkthey are feeling better, when the
treatment in reality had no medicinal benefits for theirailment.
Thus, the effect of this psychological bias is often termed the
placebo effect.The use of a Double-Bli …

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Science : Double Blind Q1
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