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Science Experiments for World Book Day


As World Book Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d pull together some of my favourite book themed science experiments. Here at Science Sparks we love using a book to help bring a science experiment to life, and if I’m ever short of inspiration, reading a great kids’ book always helps me come up with something new. I hope you like our World Book Day activity ideas.

World Book Day Activities for Preschool Children

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Science Experiments for World Book Day
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These Gruffalo’s child shadow puppets are super easy to make and great fun for making shadows with. Try holding the shadow puppets and torch in different positions to investigate how the shape of the shadow changes.

These Roald Dahl themed fine motor skill activities are great fun and can be used over and over again. My favourite is Mr Twit’s wormy spaghetti!

Make a model of a butterfly life cycle with my free template for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Discover how different materials have different properties and why while you help Ariel sort her cave of treasures.

Discover the best materials for making a Stickman, or try to find the perfect Stickman shaped stick!

Our Lorax or Cat in the Hat themed sensory trays are bright and colourful enough to keep little ones busy for a while. Use magnets and tweezers for a bit of variation.

Stop Incy Wincy Spider falling down the water spout by finding a way to stick her to the top or build Incy Wincy an umbrella.

Inspiration Laboratories has a beautiful butterfly garden that would link perfectly with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Make a washing line of pants for Aliens LOVE Underpants, and test how waterproof they are! Or, try catapulting pants!

World Book Day Activities for 5-10 year olds

Try mirror writing for Alice in Wonderland or reverse the direct of arrows using a glass of water!

Roald Dahl Science Experiments

First up for 5-10 year olds has to be our Roald Dahl science experiments. For Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the good old skittles investigation is always impressive, or make gummy sweets bigger by leaving them in water for a couple of hours. We always enjoy making a house from sweets too.

Make fun, fizzy potions like George and his Marvellous Medicine.

Learn about camouflage ( The Enormous Crocodile ) with this gorgeous camoflage art activity from Fireflies and Mudpies.

Make a homemade worm hotel for James and the Giant Peach or investigate to find out how many helium balloons it takes to lift a peach.

Discover why fruit rots for The Twits.

Stack books on an eggshell bridge for Matilda.

Fairy Tale Science Experiments

These Fairy Tale themed experiment printables include making a raft for the Billy Goats Gruff, growing a bean for Jack and more!

Build and test houses for The Three Little Pigs, which is the strongest?

Create a Whisper-Ma-Phone for the Lorax to learn about sound waves. Investigate to see if the phone works around corners or if a longer string makes it better or worse.

Leave messages for Hansel and Gretel using invisible ink.

Build a bed for the Princess and the Pea.

Build Cinderella a new carriage! We made a balloon-powered car with a balloon pumpkin.

Make a zip line for Jack or grow him a new beanstalk.

Finally, try one of our Fairy Tale Science activity ideas. You could make a zip wire for Jack, a pulley for Rapunzel, a candy house for Hansel and Gretel, a gingerbread house for The Gingerbread Man and more..

World Book Day Crafts for Kids

If you’re looking for an easy World Book Day craft, these fun corner bookmarks from Red Ted Art could be perfect!

Do you have any more World Book Day science experiment ideas for us?

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