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Science Experiments in a Shoebox


If you’re short on space and resources, these simple science in a shoebox ideas might be helpful.

Each activity uses very basic materials, can be stored in a shoebox and uses a shoebox!

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Science Experiments in a Shoebox
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Once the activity is finished, you can stack the final product for storage, transport the whole activity without bits falling off or display them nicely for everyone to admire!

Science in a Shoebox

Shoebox Catapult

The traditional shoebox catapult is a great science investigation for learning about forces and the conservation of energy.

Once the catapult is made it can be used in many different ways. Children can experiment by catapulting different size objects and measuring how far each one travels.

Another idea is to build a target to aim small pom poms or ping pong balls towards.

Create a Habitat

A shoebox is a great size to make a habitat inside. Older children can add moving parts or create two habitats to show the possible effects of climate change or pollution on wildlife. We made a very simple polar shoebox habitat.

Floating Objects

Use a magnet to create a floating object inside a shoebox! This is a great activity for learning about magnetism and looks fantastic too. The rocket looks like it’s floating as it has a paperclip attached which is attracted to the magnet on top.

Activity taken from This IS Rocket Science

Seismometer in a box

This very simple seismometer model shows how earthquakes are measured and is an excellent addition to an earthquake topic or just a fun mini science project.

Mini Marble Run

A shoebox is a perfect container for a mini marble run. Use cardboard tubes cut in half or whole attached to the back wall of the box.

Create a Pneumatic System

Use syringes to make a box open with pneumatics. This version is spring-themed, but there are endless creative opportunities around this idea. You could make a pirate treasure chest that opens, a picnic basket or even a toy box full of toys!

If you know of any more shoebox science experiments, please let me know, and I will add them!

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