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Science : Forensic Science


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scienceIntroductionWhen there is a case in the court of law, both
the accused and the accuser always justiceto be done. The court too
still does its best to review the evidence so that a just ruling
can begiven. The availability of proof when a case being
investigated is important because it helpsidentify criminals or
trace a suspect to the crime. Forensic science plays a critical
role in this as ithelps in scientifically analyzing the crime
scene. Forensic science can be defined as any sciencethat is used
in the legal system, where forensic scientists investigate the
crime scene withscientific principles in mind (Becker, et al 2018).
These scientists search for clues at the crimescene, which helps
them understand how the crime happened, why it happened and who
wasinvolved in the crime. Forensic science uses a number of
principles from the scientific branches,including biology, physics,
and chemistry. It involves the analysis of physical
evidence,administration of tests, interpretation of data, clear and
precise reports and also truthfultestimonials. The job of forensic
scientists is confined in a laboratory or a morgue, where
theexamination of physical evidence from the crime scene is
investigated. In this assignment, I willdiscuss the importance of
forensic science in policing and give examples of real situations
ofgood forensic sci …

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Science : Forensic Science
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