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Science : Science Literature Review.edited


Thinking And Scientific Literacy In Elementary Science
EducationUniversity AffiliationStudent NameDate1SCIENTIFIC LITERACY
AND CRITICAL THINKING2SummaryScience is applied in almost every
activity of our daily lives, where it plays a vital role.Vieira
& Tenreiro-Vieira in 2016 researched whether the earning
activities developed inelementary Science Education contribute to
critical thinking and scientific literacy in children inthe sixth
grade. The knowledge about various scientific processes and the
general scienceconcepts is crucial for every person, whether mature
or young. To achieve this, the best strategyis to instill and
develop scientific attitude, knowledge, and values thinking
capabilities as well asvarious science standards to children when
they are still young (Vieira & Tenreiro-Vieira,
2016).Scientific literacy and critical thinking are one of the
essential components of science education.The research uses several
data collection methods, which are the Cornell CT Test,
whichcontains a total of seventy-six different questions and
choices to choose from. The research alsoemployed an SL Test that
consisted of twenty items where some were open-ended
questions,short answer questions, and multiple answer
questions.Qualitative data was collected through observation from
the students, the relationshipbetween the teacher and the students,
and from their peers. The findings of the res …

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Science : Science Literature Review.edited
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