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Social Science : Modifications For Gifted Students.edited


Running head: MODIFICATIONS FOR GIFTED STUDENTSModifications for
Gifted StudentsNameInstitutionCourseInstructorDate1MODIFICATIONS
FOR GIFTED STUDENTS2Modifications for Gifted StudentsCurrently,
most educators have consent in modifying the normal classroom
curriculum,and this has helped manage the students vulnerable to
various disabilities. While educators maynot be well-experienced,
they normally strive to meet the instructional needs of
high-abledstudents. In most states that are still growing,
revisions in regulations with regards to the giftedalong with the
talented students hold that high-abled students initially served in
the part-timepullout programs should be given necessary instruction
based on the context of their classroomthe way students with
disabilities have their educational needs (Callahan et al., 2015).
Theeducational teachers admitted that they suffer numerous
challenges when striving to meet theneeds of their high-abed
students as compared to those managing the challenges the same
waywhen dealing with the students living with disabilities. This is
because, while the high-abledstudents seem delightful, they are
usually impatient, demandi …

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Social Science : Modifications For Gifted Students.edited
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