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Social Science : Teenage Rebellion


Running Head: TEENAGE REBELLION1Teenage RebellionStudent
Name:Institution Affiliation:Course:TEENAGE REBELLION2Teenagers in
the society tend to experience development in their brain, and
physical body whichtend to affect their societal behaviors. This
tends to demand a lot from them because they tend tosee the society
to require them to behave like adults and therefore they work
ensure that theiractions portray maturity and independency. (Alleen
Pace Nilsen, 2009). However, this is notalways the case. Their
attempts to express their maturity turn out to depict arrogance,
lack ofrespect and carelessness. This makes them a nuisance to the
society and more often get themrejected in places of work due to
their awkward behaviors.Dealing with teenage rebellion requires
strict measures and effective guidelines to be put in placein order
to make the teenagers abide to certain rules that will restrict
them from displaying theirarrogance and disrespect to the society.
Laurie acts like she knows everything; this is one of thehabits
developed during adolescence and she has not yet outgone the
behavior. To mitigate this,there need to be a counseling talk
between her job coach and her to enlighten her on theimportance of
accepting corrections especially in a work place and the
consequences of failing toaccept correction.Oppositional defiance
disorder is a mental illness majorly diagnosed for teenagers is a
majorproblem among the youth. It is characterized by sy …

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Social Science : Teenage Rebellion
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