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Sociology : 12939012


Running head: HUMAN RIGHTS1Human RightsInstitutional
AffiliationStudents nameCourseDateHUMAN RIGHTS2Human RightsHuman
rights refer to the rights and freedom of human beings that are
given to everyone.They apply to every individual despite the race,
nationality, age among other factors that causedifferences among
people. Although they can sometimes be restricted to certain
individuals,especially those involved in certain criminals
(Donnelly & Whelan 2017). Human rights arebased on fairness,
respect, equality, and independence. I believe the topic of human
rights is asocial problem due to the numerous existing forms of
Human Rights violation.This involvescases where the state breaches
human rights.In society, Human rights apply to everyone. For this
reason, everyone gets treated fairly,with respect and dignity. In
cases where they fail to receive this kind of …

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Sociology : 12939012
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