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Social InequalityAuthors NameInstitutional AffiliationDate1A
SYNTHESIS ON SOCIAL INEQUALITY2A Synthesis on Social InequalityI
have learned that social inequality can be explained from various
perspectives. Socialinequality ranges from the comparison between
people of different economic class, races,gender, and culture to
the social status of individuals. Different groups are affected by
thevarious forms of social inequality either directly or
indirectly. The impact caused by socialinequality can also affect
the economic development of the country. For instance, children
fromthe poor background may fail to access proper education
services and as a result fail to obtaingood grades that will allow
him or her to enroll in good colleges and universities
(Lovaglia,1998).The results may be lack of a good job or
appropriate source of income and the cyclecontinues. This indicates
that children from wealthy and rich families are more likely to
besuccessful in life as they get proper education and can afford to
enroll in best universities andcolleges thus ending up to get good
jobs that can support them in future (Beller and Michael2006). I
would suggest that the government should consider upgrading the
quality of educationin public schools so as they can be at the same
level as those in private schools. This will allowchildren from a
poor background to be able to obtain quality grades and enrol …

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Sociology : 13517337
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