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Sociology : After School Program.edited


Running head: AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM (GRANT)After School Program
(Grant)Students nameCourse nameProfessors nameUniversity
affiliationDate1AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM (GRANT)2BarriersAfter school
program grant will go on to support the children and the youth in
thecommunity by engaging them in out of school activities. However,
there are a couple of barriersthat could affect the success of the
funding partnership. The first barrier will be a lack of
successboosters that can convince the funders to award the grant
for the after-school program. Mostgrantees would want to see how
the money will be spent to develop strong partnerships. Theywould
want to see what the children have gained from the program and its
positive impacts onthe community (Polly et al., 2015). Another
barrier is the limited number of students who willparticipate in
the program. Some students can prefer staying at home rather than
attending afterschool programs. Some parents can opt on taking
their children on vacation rather than enrollthem in after-school
programs (Rockwell et al., 2010). If there are a few students who
enroll inthese programs, then the grantees may raise questions on
the programs value. Another barrier isthe expectations by the
funders to get benefit out of the programs instead of helping the
childrento be successful in their classes and future prospects.
Most funders will only accept a partnershipif it will help them
financially or to gain political mileage whi …

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